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  • EU Horizon2020

    NMP Project

    Project Number: NMP 645776
    Duration: 01.06.2015-31.05.2018
    Title: All-scale predictive design of heat management material structures with applications in power electronics

  • ERC - European Research Council funded project

    ERC Advanced Grant FunDMS

    Project Number: P 227690
    Duration: 01.01.2009-31.12.2013
    Title: Functionalisation of diluted magnetic semiconductors
    Local Coordinator: Alberta Bonanni

  • FWF

    Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung funded projects

    Title: Intrinsic and proximity-induced topological superconductivity
    Project Number: P31423
    Duration: 01.11.2018-31.10.2022
    Principal Investigator: Alberta Bonanni

    Title: Magnetic Nanocrystals in Nitrides: Assembly and Performance
    Project Number: V478
    Duration: 01.07.2016-30.06.2020
    Principal Investigator: Andrea Navarro Quezada

    Title: Nitrides for quantum tunnelling and topological phenomena
    Project Number: P26830
    Duration: 01.10.2014-30.09.2019
    Principal Investigator: Alberta Bonanni

    Title: Magnetic nitrides probed via microwave resonances
    Project Number: P24471
    Duration: 01.11.2012-31.10.2015
    Principal Investigator: Alberta Bonanni

    Title: Determination of ferromagnetic phase diagram in nitrides
    Project Number: P22477
    Duration: 01.07.2010-30.09.2013
    Principal Investigator: Alberta Bonanni

    Title: Controlling the formation of magnetic nanocrystals in diluted magnetic semiconductors
    Project Number: P20065
    Duration: 01.01.2008-31.12.2010
    Principal Investigator: Alberta Bonanni

    Title: Carrier-induced ferromagnetism in (Ga,Fe)N
    Project Number: P17169
    Duration: 02.07.2004-01.07.2007
    Principal Investigator: Alberta Bonanni

  • FFG

    Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft funded projects

    Title: Competence Headquarter: Excellence in Electronics Sputtering Target Technology
    Project Number: P841482
    Duration: 01.07.2013-30.06.2016
    Subcontractor: Alberta Bonanni

    Project Number:
    Subcontractor: Alberta Bonanni

    Title: Frühzeitige Qualitätskontrolle synthetischen Saphirs für LED Anwendungen - Clear Sapphire
    Produktion der Zukunft 4. Ausschreibung
    Project Number: P4178381
    Duration: 15.01.2014-14.12.2015
    Project Partner: Alberta Bonanni

    Title: Nanoinitiative Austria: NSI - MetClust, Metal clusters on functional substrates
    Workpackage coordinator: Alberta Bonanni

    Title: Nanoinitiative Austria: NSI - Nanoprobe, Analytics of nanosized objects based on electron- or light interaction with matter
    Workpackage coordinator: Alberta Bonanni

  • NATO

    Science for Peace Programme funded project

    Title: Novel Nanostructures for security Applications
    Project Number: P SFPP984735
    Duration: 01.10.2014-30.09.2016
    Project Partner: Alberta Bonanni

  • ÖAD

    Österreichischer Austauschdienst funded projects

    Title: Optische und magnetische Eigenschaften von Eisen dotiertem GaN
    Wissenschaftlich-Technische Zusammenarbeit Poland-Austria
    Exchange project with the Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
    Project Number: P01/2006
    Duration: 01.01.2006-31.12.2007

    Title: Compositional assessment of novel materials for information technologies
    Wissenschaftlich-Technische Zusammenarbeit Slowakia-Austria
    Exchange project with the Dep. of Microelectronics, University of Bratislava
    Project Number: P49s9
    Duration: 01.03.2006-30.11.2007

    Title: Eingebetete Metalische Nanokristalle in Halbleiter mit großer Bandlücke für neuartige Spintronik und Magnetooptische Bauelemente
    Scientific-technical Exchange Program with Poland 2010-11
    Project Number: PL 13/2010
    Duration: 01.01.2010-31.12.2011
    Project Leaders: Andrea Navarro-Quezada (MagicSpin), Jan Suffczynski (University of Warsaw)

    Title: Magnetische Nitrid-Halbleiter für Spintronics: Untersuchung des Spin- und Ladungstransports
    Scientific-technical Exchange Program with France Amadée 2011-12
    Project Number: FR 03/2010
    Duration: 01.01.2011-31.12.2012
    Project Leaders: Thibaut Devillers (MagicSpin), Matthieu Jamet (CEA, Grenoble)

    Title: Condensed and dilute magnetic nitrides: pinning the fundamental exchange interactions and the pathway to spintronic functionalities
    Scientific-technical Exchange Program with Poland 2012-13
    Project Number: PL05/2012
    Duration: 001.04.2012-31.03.2014
    Project Leaders: Bogdan Faina (MagicSpin), Iwona Kowalik (IFPAN, Warsaw)

    Title: Piezo-electro-magnetization effect in III-nitride based dilute and condensed magnetic semiconductors and insulators
    Scientific & Technological Cooperation with Poland 2017-19
    Project Number: PL 01/2017
    Duration: 01.05.2017-30.04.2019
    Project Leaders: Rajdeep Adhikari

  • European Commission

    Title: EC Marie Curie Initial Training Network on Nanoscale Semiconductor Spintronics - SemiSpinNet
    Project Number: EU FP7 215368
    Duration: 01.01.2011-31.12-2013

    Title: EC European Fund of Regional Development - NanoMat, The application of nanotechnology in advanced materials Nanoscale phase separation in multifunctional materials
    Duration: 01.06.2013-31.05.2015

    Title: EC REGPOT European Action towards a leading Centre for Innovative Materials - EAgLE
    Project Number: EU FP7 316014
    Duration: 07.2013-06.2016


    French national synchrotron facility, Saint Aubin - Paris, France

    Project Number: 20141314
    Time: from 06.2015
    Title: Disentangling the local structure of self-assembled ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic GaFeN nanocrystals embedded in GaN: a diffraction anomalous fine structure study
    Proposers: A. Bonanni, D. Kysylychyn


    European Organization for Nuclear Research - Geneva, Switzerland

    Project Number: CERN-INTC-P385
    Time: from 12.2013
    Title: Magnetic and structural properties of Mn-doped (Al,Ga)N
    Proposers: A. Bonanni, ISOLDE Collaboration

  • ALBA

    Cells Synchrotron Radiation Facility Barcelona, Spain

    Project Number: 2012010194
    Time: from 05.2013
    Title: Dilute magnetic semiconductors – high field XMCD and XLMD on GaN and ZnO based materials
    Proposers: I.Kowalik, D.Arvanitis, A. Bonanni, P.Perna

  • Magnet Lab

    National High Magnetic Field Laboratory - Florida State University, Florida, USA

    Project Number: P01536-E001-EMR
    Time: from 2012
    Title: Magnetic resonances of Mn3+ in (Ga,Mn)N
    Proposers: A. Bonanni


    Electron Storage Ring for Synchrotron Radiation Berlin, Germany

    Project Number: 2012-2-120261
    Time: 03-12.12.2012
    Title: Complex dielectric function and effects of p-d hybridization in (Ga,Fe)N and (Ga,Mn)N in correlation with the charge state of the transition metal ions
    Proposers: A. Bonanni, C. Cobet, N. Esser

  • MaxLab

    National Electron Accelerator Laboratory for Synchrotron Radiation Research, Nuclear Physics and Accelerator Physics - Lund, Sweden

    Time: 06.2009
    Title: XMCD analysis of the magnetic properties of (Ga,Fe)N, GaFe:N and (Ga,Fe)N:(Si,Mg)
    Beamline: D1011
    Proposers: I. Kovalik, M. Sawicki, D. Arvanitis and A. Bonanni

    Time: 09.2010
    Title: XMCD and PEEM on (Ga,Fe)N
    Beamline: D1011
    Proposers: I. Kovalik, M. Sawicki, D. Arvanitis and A. Bonanni

    Time: 02.2012
    Title: XMCD and PEEM on (Ga,Fe)N
    Beamline: D1011
    Proposers: I. Kovalik, D. Arvanitis and A. Bonanni

  • ESRF

    European Synchrotron Research Facility - Grenoble, France

    Project Number: SI 1446
    Time: 09.2006
    Title: X-ray standing wave investigation of ferromagnetic GaFeN layers
    Beamline: ID32
    Proposers: V. Holý, G. Bauer, A. Bonanni and R.T. Lechner

    Project Number: SI 1467
    Time: 04.2007
    Title: Spinodal decomposition of GaFeN investigated by anomalous x-ray scattering
    Beamline: ID01
    Proposers: V. Holý, G. Bauer, A. Bonanni and R.T. Lechner

    Project Number: SI 1633
    Time: 12.2007
    Title: Fe-rich phases in ferromagnetic GaFeN epitaxial layers
    Beamline: ID31
    Proposers: V. Holý, G. Bauer, A. Bonanni and R.T. Lechner

    Project Number: SI 1799
    Time: 02-03.2009
    Title: Influence of codoping on nanocrystal formation in GaFeN
    Beamline: BM20
    Proposers: V. Holý, G. Bauer, A. Bonanni and R.T. Lechner

    Project Number: SI 1981
    Time: 09.2009
    Title: In-situ x-ray diffraction investigation of growth of ferromagnetic clusters in (Ga,Mn)N epitaxial layers
    Beamline: BM20
    Proposers: R.T. Lechner, G. Bauer and A. Bonanni

    Project Number: HS 4035
    Time: 06.2010
    Title: Mn Local structure in GaN: a systematic investigation from dilution to clusterization
    Beamline: BM08
    Proposers: M. Rovezzi, F. d'Acapito, A. Navarro-Quezada and A. Bonanni

    Project Number: 08-01-894
    Time: 11.2010
    Title: Local order around Mn magnetic dopants in GaN-pAlGaN multilayers
    Proposers: F. d'Acapito, F. Filipone, M. Rovezzi, A. Navarro-Quezada, T. Devillers and A. Bonanni

    Project Number: HS 4246
    Time: 12.2010
    Title: Investigation of Fe-rich phases in (Ga,Fe)N:Mg by x-ray diffraction
    Beamline: BM20
    Proposers: A. Navarro-Quezada, T. Devillers, M. Rovezzi, G. Bauer, and A. Bonanni

    Project Number: HE 3609
    Time: 07.2011
    Title: High-resolution x-ray absorption and emission study of GaMnN(:Si)
    Beamline: ID26

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