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19.10.2017 Gratitude of school kids to Rajdeep and Margherita, qmag group and JKU for interesting introduction into the world of physics.
18.10.2017 Margherita and Anita preparing ice-cream with liquid nitrogen for school kids.
19.07.2017 Congratulations to Dr. Aitana with a successful defense of the dissertation. Brilliant work. Following the tradition Aitana is signing the ceiling in our institute library with a date of her graduation.
13.07.2017 Congratulations to MSc. Margherita with a successful defense of the master thesis. She will continue her work in the group as a PhD student.
04-08.06.2017 Alberta Bonanni is at 9th International School and Conference on Spintronics and Quantum Information Technology for an invited talk in Fukuoka, Japan.
28-30.05.2017 Alberta Bonanni is at International Workshop on Emerging Technologies (CMOS2017) for an invited talk in Warsaw, Poland.
11-20.05.2017 Dmytro Kysylychyn is at Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw measuring photoluminescence on GaN:(Mn,Mg).
8-17.05.2017 Andrea Navarro Quezada is in Marseille, France for a project meeting on Magnetic nanocrystals in nitrides.
27.03.2017 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alberta Bonanni gives an inaugural lecture "Nitride crystals - more as the lighting of the future" at Johannes Kepler University.
21-22.03.2017 Alberta Bonanni is at International Workshop on Computational Materials Design on Green Energy and Spintronics for an invited talk in Osaka, Japan.
18.01.2017 Our new master student Anita and the SEM image of her first contact.
09.11.2016 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alberta Bonanni and n-core team are awarded with the Hedy Lamarr special prise for the infra-red nitride-based semiconductor laser patent.

Spezialpreis Hedy Lamarr "Infrarot-Halbleiterlaser" from patentamt on Vimeo.

22.04.2016 Bogdan, Wolfgang and Rajdeep at the event "Lange Nacht der Forschung" (Long night of research), JKU-Linz showing the phenomenon of magnetic phase transition of Ni from ferromagnetic to paramagnetic state around the Curie temperature.
11-19.04.2016 Aitana and Wolfgang enjoyed the stay at SOLEIL synchrotron at the beamline Sirius in Paris measuring RefleXAFS, EXAFS and XANES on MoOx.
15.04.2016 Congratulations to our head of the group Alberta Bonanni on becominng a University Professor at the Johannes Kepler University - Linz.
09.03.2016 Congratulations to Andrea Navarro for being awarded with a FWF Elise-Richter grant for highly qualified female senior scientists who strive for an university career. With the outstanding project "Magnetic nanocrystals in nitrides: structure and performance", she was the only physicist awarded out of 41 projects that were granted last year. The project will give her the opportunity to continue working on her university career, which is what she has always wanted. With this project she will be rejoining our group starting from July 2016.
29.01.2016 At Palais Metternich in Vienna (Italian Embassy) in the name of the Italian President Sergio Mattarella, the head of our group Alberta Bonanni was awarded by the Ambassador Giorgio Marrapodi the golden star of honor and the order of Knighthood of the Italian Republic (for scientific merits).
27.11.-03.12.2015 Visit of Prof. Maciej Sawicki helping to improve and extend the possibilities of the transport system.
03.11.2015 Our group name and logo are changed from "MagicSpin - Magnetic Materials Group" to "Nitride Compound Semiconductors Research Group (n-core)".
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19.10.-23.10.2015 Wolfgang and Dmytro measure High Energy Ellipsometry at Metrology Light Source (MLS) in Berlin.
07.10.2015 Graduation ceremony of Dmytro, Master of Science.
10.2015 N-core as one of the main research groups in Physics at JKU.

24.08-04.09.2015 Rajdeep attended the enjoyed the European School on Magnetism 2015 in Cluj, Romania.
23.06-29.06.2015 Giulia and Dmytro enjoyed the SOLEIL synchrotron at the beamline Sirius in Paris measuring DAFS, EXAFS and XANES.
18.05-02.06.2015 Aitana spent two intense and intensive weeks with the Mössbauer spectroscopy group at CERN.
24.04.2015 Andreas becomes a doctor of physical sciences defending his PhD dissertation.
09.04.2015 Dmytro gets an award for the best talk on the 4th Internal Conference on Semiconductors and Solid State Physics (iCPS3), Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics, JKU.
04-06.03.2015 Our group hosts the WEMS 2015 (Workshop on the Application of Emission Mössbauer Spectroscopy).
WEMS 2015
06-08.10.2014 Installation of a new system for magnetotransport (Janis Research).
Transport system installation
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